Paco Rollins Tattoo Machines are built to be your daily drivers year after year. You can expect to have a strong running machine for years with general upkeep.  All parts are under warranty for one year. (The warranty is void if you have modified or replaced parts.) 

If for any reason, you receive your Paco Rollins tattoo machine and are not happy with it, give Paco a call within the first year of purchasing at 206-356-5298 or email explaining the issue to  Paco will troubleshoot over the phone and if the problem cannot be resolved, will repair or replace the machine.

To avoid problems we recommend:

  • Do not let your friend borrow your machine and retune it!
  • Do not let your apprentice tear down your machine and rebuild it!
  • Replace any parts that wear out with Paco's parts.
  • Cleaning and maintenance tips can be found in Paco's manual

Have you had your machine several years and would like it to run like new again?  Check out our Refurbishing page.