Company History

"My goal is to create a simple, sturdy, hand crafted tattoo machine that will be your daily driver year in and year out, and keep it affordable without compromising quality."   - Paco Rollins


In 1996, Paco began tattooing with the legendary Ernie Gosnell, former owner of Electric Ladyland in New Orleans. Together they built Lucky Devil South, in Seattle, WA.   In 1997, Paco started hand making custom tattoo machines for his friends in the industry. Word spread, and the hobby developed into Paco Rollins Machines, Inc. in 2002.

In 2006, Paco, his wife Laura and their son Jaxon, moved to Vashon Island, an island in Puget Sound, accessible only by ferry.  In 2009, Paco opened Sea Change Tattoo and apprenticed Casey Buxton.  Paco continues to divide his time between tattooing at Sea Change (now owned by Casey), hand crafting tattoo machines, and travelling in the U.S. and internationally, spreading the word one customer at a time about his machines. Occasionally, he also does some sign painting, a craft he picked up along the way studying the signs of Ernie Gosnell.

Paco intentionally keeps the business small so he can personally create and tune each machine.  Laura handles customer orders, and when you call or email, you’ll reach either Paco or Laura directly.

There are several standard models of Paco Rollins machines available,  and custom machines, lefties and engraved machines are posted on the customs page,  Instagram, and Facebook.  Additionally, Paco occasionally posts his hand crafted and hand painted Tattoo Artist Travel Trunks, Flash Boxes and other art projects, so check back often as products will change!