May Travels

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It’s been an adventure dodging tornadoes and floods on my May trip through Oklahoma. Fingers crossed for all the folks facing major weather this Spring. I’m in Tulsa through this weekend and then headed back to Oklahoma City for a bit, and then onto Dallas.

I have a couple boxes of tattoo machines with me, so if you’d like me to stop in your shop anywhere on my journeys text me at 206-356-5298.


March Travels

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Heading to the great state of Texas! I’ll be adventuring in San Antonio, Austin and Houston March 13-April 1st. I have a few choice new Unicoils in the box of machines I’m bringing, as well as my standard machine lineup and some customs. While on the road you can text me at 206-356-5298 if you’d like to set up a tattoo shop visit, - Paco

January Travels

I’ll be heading south in mid-January, out to Pasadena, San Bernardino and beyond. I’ll be in the area for a couple weeks, with some fresh customs and a box of machines. I can squeeze in a couple private shop seminars on Tattoo Machine Tuning, Maintenance & More as well, so give me a shout at 206-356-5298 if you would like me to visit your tattoo crew, or stop in with machines.

Looking forward to some sun to start 2019 -


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Iron Circus Tatto Expo Seminar


I'll be hosting my Tattoo Machine Seminar: Tuning, Maintenance & More at the Iron Circus Tattoo Expo this Sunday. The seminar is open to professional tattoo artists and costs $15, including a $50 discount for the purchase of any machine. The seminar runs 4-5 hours, and each participant is given a machine to rear down and rebuild, focusing on troubleshooting and tuning for specific needs. Limited to 10 participants. You can reserve your spot  by calling 206-356-5298. Thanks! Paco

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Three Rivers Tattoo Convention

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Sept. 22nd-24th I'll be tattooing and hosting a Tattoo Machine Tuning, Maintenance & More seminar at the Three River's Tattoo Convention in Kennewick, WAThe seminar is open to professional tattoo artists and costs $150 (this includes a $50 discount if you choose to purchase a machines. The seminar starts at 11:00 and runs 4-5 hours. Each participant is given a machine to tear apart and rebuild, with a focus on troubleshooting and tuning for your specific needs. Email me at paco@pacorollinsmachines to sign up.